Life lessons

Never apologise to keep the peace unless you are in the wrong!

In the tapestry of life, lessons often arrive, demanding to be understood and internalized. One such lesson that resonates deeply with me revolves around navigating disagreements without sacrificing one's authenticity.

I count myself fortunate to possess a meager ego—a trait that allows me to easily set it aside. Confident in my identity, I've encountered a recurring misstep. When facing discord, whether with friends or acquaintances, my readiness to apologize and conclude the dispute swiftly was a consistent practice. My rationale was simple: Surely, in retrospect, we'd all recognize the triviality of the argument and move forward, humbled yet enriched. But, as it turns out, I couldn't have been more mistaken.

Throughout my 36 years, a profound truth has unfolded: never underestimate the folly in others. Hopeful thoughts of reconciliation often met disappointment. I came to the stark realization that assuming responsibility in inconsequential disputes didn't necessarily foster resolution. Paradoxically, by assuming blame, some individuals entrenched themselves in their stance, cementing a distorted perception of me. They clung stubbornly to their misguided perspectives, refusing to acknowledge the truth.

It became evident—relying on others for fairness or expecting them to be conduits of our happiness is a fallacy. Their rigidity in perception creates a false narrative, impervious to reason.

Understanding this has been a pivotal lesson: people's foolishness and lack of fairness are constants. It's a reminder that our happiness cannot hinge on external validation or justice from others.

It is what it is—a refrain that encapsulates the essence of these experiences. Lessons absorbed, wisdom gained.