Ending my Yoga classes

End of Practice Intention

For Shannon:

"Palms together in Anjali mudra, bring your fingers to your forehead gently touching the spot between your eyebrows and remember to keep your thoughts pure clear and kind. Bring your fingers to your lips, reminding yourself to keep your words the truth, necessary and also kind. Finally bring your hands towards your heart-space, and remember this is where the truth comes from and set it out into the universe, everyday."

At the end of my yoga sessions, I guide students through a sequence that aims to promote calmness and positive intentions on a bigger scale.

First, I ask you to bring your hands into Anjali mudra, also known as Namaste mudra or prayer hands, resting them at your heart center. This signifies a moment of tranquility after the relaxation of Savasana. I suggest bowing your head "to your practice". This helps establish Jalandra Banda*, a practice that aids the stabilizing of internal energy, before releasing it with a sense of innate well-being**.

Then, I guide you to touch your forehead gently with your thumbs, at the space of the Agna Chakra or "Third Eye". This gesture serves as a reminder to maintain pure, clear, and kind thoughts. It's crucial because our thoughts greatly impact our outlook on life. By controlling our thoughts, we can avoid negativity and embrace a brighter perspective.

Clarity is key in yoga philosophy. It's about calming the mind's disturbances (vrittis) to foster a clearer connection to life's essence. Worries, stress, and negativity create "static" that blocks this connection, causing suffering. By practicing clarity, we pave the way for a healthier mindset and a better lifestyle.

Being kind to yourself is fundamental. Even if you don't fully grasp it consciously, this practice influences your psyche positively. It aligns with our body's natural healing processes, occurring during sleep or deep meditation.

Moving the thumbs to the lips, I encourage participants to consider speaking only the truth, what's necessary, and words that are also kind. This notion reflects a guideline from my teacher during my training: before speaking, ask if what you're about to say is true, necessary, and kind. If not, consider staying silent with dignity.

Finally, I guide you to touch your thumbs to your heart-space, the Anahata Chakra, representing the heart, and obviously love: the source of truth (in my opinion) and sharing it with the universe. To be the change you want to see-

"Namaste," signifying recognition of the divine within ourselves and others.

 This sequence, ending with Angeli Mudra or Namaste Mudra, encapsulates the intention of recognizing the divine essence within us all, fostering kindness, truth, and a deeper connection to ourselves and the universe.